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We're moving during the next two weeks, so some orders might suffer some delays. We apologize in advance and thank you for understanding. We'll be back to normal soon!

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JD Music Labs

In the music world there are wonderful things, we can use them to make music, but we can also appreciate them as the product of art, engineering and design. For us, the engineering and design were the most appealing, which lead to tinkering, which lead to building and fixing. 
Today, having access to amazing new technologies like UV printing, CNC machining, laser etching and others, the limits of what can be done are only our imagination.
Through our time building our own pedals and amplifiers, we saw how difficult it was to access the technologies to make professional looking products, so we knew we wanted to help others to not go through the same. 
If you are building your own pedals and need them professionally printed for a reasonable price, or if you have a weird idea for a pedal or an amp that you want help make real, or if you want to shoot fireworks from your guitar, you're at the right place.

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