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  1. Guitars

    Guitar Type V body was the first guitar ever made by JD Music Labs.

    The steps that were made to build this beauty is descibed here: in case you haven't seen it.

  2. A
    A "mechanical" clock

    Handmade clock, ideal for your garage or any part of your house.

    If you have your own drawing for your perfect clock send us the file and we do the crafting!

  3. Blueprint Guitar
    Blueprint Guitar

    Laser engraved patent vintage drawing.

    If you have your own drawing send us the file and we do the crafting!

  4. Laser engraving - Guitar Player
    Laser engraving - Guitar Player

    When can you be called a guitar player? This gift let you know....


JD Music Labs

Musician? 3D Modeling? Technician? Artist? Why stick to a category when we can be what we want? I love music, playing guitar, was part of a music group - helping with the sound, songs, just be involved..... Being me and doing what I like and wanted at that time.

My curiosity on learning how things work, repairing what other said were unfixable gave origin to a hobby.

Latter that taste on building, making, creating and my knowledge on computers, software and 3D modeling helped create JD Music Labs.

JD Music Labs is more than a business, is more than "making to sell", JD Music Labs is a solution where you can find advice and customizable products for music, graphics and hand-made articles always with a personal touch!

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