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3D Printing

Prototypes are essential in every step of the product development process. Whether it is to verify your design with a model that matches the real thing, or to perform form, fit and function tests, you’ll want prototypes that meet your requirements.

3D Printing allows designers and engineers to execute fast and frequent revisions of their designs. Thanks to a variety of available technologies and materials, in plastics as well as metals, 3D-printed prototypes work for both visual and functional testing.


FDM is the most available and accessible 3D printing process. This is mainly used for: low-cost prototypes, confirmation of 3d designs, small series productions. The advantage of FDM is a wide choice of materials or colours, lower costs and a relatively fast delivery. We can print in any of the filaments available in our shop. The price is calculated from a €2.5 startup cost for each different and by the predicted weight of the filament needed to print the model and varies depending on the costs of the filament. Due to having a lot of filaments available, please ask for a quote for your model(s).

FDM usually doesn't require a lot of post-processing. If there are any supports they will be removed, filaments like ASA and ABS can be acetone vapor smoothed upon request.

Example: 3D Benchy printed in Galaxy PLA, default size (60x31x48mm) would be €4,66.




SLA offers great results for aesthetic applications where surface quality is more important. The costs are higher than FDM, but SLA allows to get closer to injection molded like appearance. It also allows for producing high temperature resistant materials which aren't possible with plastic. 

The price is calculated from a €5.5 startup cost for each different resin, and the volume of the 3d model. 

We have different resins available from Formlabs:

  • Standard resin (0,70€/ml) - available in white, clear, black grey and draft. Layer thickness 100µm, 50µm or 25µm. 

  • Standard resin, color (0,80€/ml) - to see colors check link. Layer thickness 100µm, 50µm or 25µm. 

  • Tough (0,85€/ml) - Layer thickness 100µm or 50µm.

  • Durable (0,87€/ml) - Layer thickness 100µm, 50µm or 25µm. 

  • High Temp (0,87€/ml) - Layer thickness 100µm, 50µm or 25µm.

  • Rigid (0,89€/ml) - Layer thickness 100µm or 50µm.

  • Grey Pro (0,85€/ml) - Layer thickness 100µm or 50µm.

  • Elastic (0,89€/ml) - Layer thickness 100µm or 50µm.

  • Castable (0,92€/ml) - Layer thickness 100µm, 50µm or 25µm.

  • Castable Wax (0,99€/ml) - Layer thickness 50µm or 25µm.

SLA prints will have supports removed, unless you ask not to, but we don't provide any sanding services. There will be some post processing necessary on your part to make the models smooth where the supports touched the model. 

Example: Rook printed in Standard clear, default size (14,33x14,34x24 mm) volume 1.31ml would be €6.42.

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