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Guitar Work

We are not luthiers, but that doesn't keep us from working on guitars. with our components and products for guitar repairs.

If you need a new pickguard, we can make one for you in the material you want, usually plastic or aluminium. We can start from an old pickguard, we can take measurements from the guitar, or you can supply a vector drawing. 

Do you want custom pickups made? No problem, we can wound them to your specifications. 

Your electronics are bad? We can fix it, replace potentiometers, jacks, switches, wiring.  Not exclusive to electric guitars, we also work on acoustic guitars.

We also provide setup services, limited to replacing strings, adjustments of bridge (including Floyd Rose style bridges), neck and pickups, and excluding fret work and nut reshape/fabrication. We can forward that kind of work we don't do to a luthier we work with, but we specialise in general fabrication/modding and electronics.

Repairs cost €40 +VAT per hour.