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Ideas for 3D printing: Turning Stepcraft's HF spindle into a hand-held router

All I needed was for the dimensions to be correct, no need for any details. Then I started building around it. First the inner part that will hold on to the spindle.

And then the outer part where it slides up and down. I also make a knob to lock the router depth.

The parts have some cut-outs for the cables coming out of the spindle, to allow the spindle to go as low as I thought it should.

Then it was time to 3D print it. I printed the parts in ABS on a Wanhao Duplicator 4S.

This is how the inner part fits on the spindle. The screw and captive nut make sure it's firmly held in place.

The assembly then slides into the outer part. The thumb lock is assembled by inserting an M4 screw and epoxying it in place.

Setting the depth for a ball bearing cutting bit is easy.

And it will go down enough for deeper pocket cuts.

Parts needed: 1x M4x30 screw 1x M4x25 screw 2x M4 nut

If you want to buy this model and print it for yourself, follow the link below:

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