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Ideas for 3D printing: Using a Stepcraft CNC to wind guitar pickups.

Next I need to create the model of the stepcraft tool holder.

Once that was done, I designed a part that would hold on to it, but hold the tool on the opposite side of where it normally is. Just because it's more convenient for the pickup winder. Next to the holes for attaching the tensioner support I add slots for captive nuts. This way the screws aren't screwing directly into the plastic.

Finally I model the support for the tensioner. The thread for the tensioner has to be modeled directly, the tensioner has a non metric thread and I don't have any non metric nuts to hold it. So directly into the plastic it will have to go.

Another perspective.

After setting up everything and taking some measurements of how much the tensioner could move and where to set the zero, I had to start working on the gcode. I started by making some simple movements from side to side, but found this would result in an uneven distribution across the width of the coil, so I had to be creative about it... Eventually I found a way, and even made a small computer program to generate random gcode so I can get "unique" winding patterns, all in all, I'm very happy with how it turned out.

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