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These holders allow using ball carry nuts with the Stepcraft D-series CNC machines.
They are compatible with Eichenberger KGT 10x3 FGR RH SAG and with the SKF SH 10x3 R carry nuts.
Installing the nuts requires a small modification to either the nuts or the aluminium plates of the Stepcraft. We recommend that you modify the Stepcraft plates, by grinding a small area to clear the space for the body of the carry nut. Please be aware that this will invalidate the warranty of your Stepcraft, so proceed at your own risk.
Install the carry nuts on our adapters with some blue loctite to make sure they don't come undone on their own.


Price is per piece. For replacing all the lead screw nuts, you'll need to order 4. 

Here's a video of the carry nuts being installed on a 840.

ball carry nut holder

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