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The Good Vibes is a Chorus/Vibrato pedal. It has an fully analog signal path, and the oscillation is provided by a digital processor. This allows for some futures that are not very common in analog effects.

You can have the effect come in and out dependent on the dynamics of your playing. You can make the effect disappear as you play softly and increase depth as you play harder or do the same but with varying speed.

In this type of effect a lot of people complain about volume drops, so we have included a boost.


Some extra features included in simple variation:

- Expression control jacks for Speed and Depth;

- Enclosure 1590 trapezoide;


Some extra features included in expression pedal variation:

- The expression pedal can control either depth or speed which can be selected with the footswitch at the end of the range;

- There's an LED to indicate which one is selected;

- Enclosure 1590DD;

Good Vibes

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