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Adapter kit for using "Chinese 15W laser module" with Stepcraft D-Series

This item is made on demand and for that it can take up to 3 weeks to be shipped after ordered.

This kit includes all materials and accessories to build a laser tool for a Stepcraft D-Series router, that is plug-n-play.

> No modifications needed to the Stepcraft router itself.

> The assembly requires soldering.

> We recommend that you use the tool with the Stepcraft Vacuum adapter, as the brushes will provide a barrier from your eyes being directly exposed to the laser beam.

Lasers, even low power ones are very dangerous, please use with adequate eye protection and be aware of the dangers involved.

Make sure that the laser module you have matches the one on the photos here.

Upon request, we can purchase the module and assemble it for you, but we cannot offer any warranty on the module itself, only our work and our parts. We will also not be liable if your country has any restrictions on the import of laser products, so please make sure before you ask for this option.



This item is made on demand, read our Policy for more information about availability, stock and manufacture time.


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Kit for "15W laser module"

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