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For all DIY'ers out there...

Now you can make your own wah, expression pedal or volume pedal (or whatever you want) and it doesn't have to be huge. Keep it traditional with the standard HotPotz potentiometers (not included) and rack gear mechanism. Just because it's small doesn't mean you have to sacrifice any functionality, it even has a longer range than a big wah. 
It can also be integrated in a bigger enclosure as part of a larger effect. 
Let this new possibility expand your ideas and your DIY projects!

Including the 1590B enclosure! 

For any other applications please contact us. 

Newly improved kit for adding wah, expression, volume or whatever you want to your pedal projects. Can be provided with a predrilled enclosure or with a drill template.

Any questions please contact us at jdmusiclabs@gmail.com.

KIT Mini-wah

SKU: 05000

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