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6V6GT-S with metal base (aka 6P6P-J) ""Summer-Of-69 Special"" 
TAD PREMIUM Matched NOS tube from the year 1969
The 6V6GT ""Summer-Of-69 Special"" TAD PREMIUM Matched is a 6V6GT version from 1969 (partly also 1967 and 1968) which were made exclusively for military purposes in China. These are already characterized by a significantly better manufacturing quality compared to the commercial comparison products. These tubes pass through our TAD QC processes, are carefully crafted with tightest static (Iao) and dynamic (Gm) tolerances into pairs and quartets and receive both our test label, our brand and the TAD warranty.
Unfortunately, these are only available in limited quantities.
Q: What criteria does a power tube need to meet to  qualify  as Premium Selected ?
A: We only name those tubes  Premium Selected  that passed the following tests:
- Quiescent current (PC) and slope (TC)
- Noise test
- Microphone test
- Acoustic tests
- Shock test
- Listening tests
- Short circuit and fault current
Matching power tubes
In our  Premium RT matching  , our tubes are not only matched after the quiescent current (PC), but also the slope (TC) is taken into account.
Both data as well as the batch and sorting numbers are applied to both the packaging and the tube.
TAD Premium Select tubes include a 6-month warranty (under warranty conditions) for compliance with the above quality criteria.
Tubes type:       6V6 / 6P6P-J / CV509 / CV-511      
Base: Octal (8 pin)
Selection: Premium

TAD 6V6GT Premium

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