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Inclusive, TAD-Logo, Footswitch + premium custom cover - as seen at Holy Grail Guitar Show

1x12"" Combo Amp Blackface 22 Reverb AB763 Style with ca. 22 watt power.

This Amp is based on the legendary Fender Deluxe Reverb®

amp is delivered ready-to-rock!

The sweet tone of the 6V6 tubes, the famous tube reverb, the Tremolo and just right power all in a handy package.

Probably one of the most sought after vintage Fender style amps as this one does have all the features the original vintage beast got famous for.

Power: ca. 22 Watt

Impedance: 8 Ohm

Tubes:  2x 12AT7, 4x ECC83 WA, 1x 6V6GT-STR pair, 1x 5AR4

Reverg Can: RV-4AB3C1B

Speaker: 1x Jensen C12Q 35 Watt 8 Ohm #LJEC12Q

Cabinet: K-CDLXRV

Cover: FAKD-P

Footswitch: FFSR-VC

Measure:  43cm height x 61,5cm width x 24,1cm depth

Total weight: ca. 15,8 kg

TAD Blackface 22 Reverb combo, AB763 Style

SKU: 02009