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TAD CLASS-A CONVERTER-SET (two converters with selected EL84 tubes + english/german manual!


converters do permit to replace 6L6GC, 5881, EL34, KT66 and  6V6GT for EL84/6BQ5 tubes and operates them in pure CLASS A. It is  ready to plug in your amp and play. The TAD CLASS-A CONVERTER improves the amp sonically, its sensitivity and reduces the overall loudness so you can crank it up at reasonable volume.


- Class A + Cathode Bias with EL84

- Pure harmonic sweet distortion for every amp

- Extra smooth tone with Triode version

- Decent compression when played clean

- Improves sustain and thickens your tone

- Available as Triode or Pentode version

- Replaces 6L6GC, EL34, 5881, 6V6GT with EL84

- Plug & Play! No adjustments, no modifications



How the TAD CLASS-A CONVERTER benefits your amps voice:

The tone of a CLASS A operated guitar amp is well known from the legendary VOX AC30. Tone gets more alive, the amp responds more directly and musically. It instantly improves sustain, thickens tone and is adding a ""three-dimensional"" character with decent compression and smooth harmonic distortion when driven to the limit. The overall loudness will be reduced as the Class A as the EL84 tubes provides less output volume. So you can crank up your amp all the way and achieve best sonically performance at reasonable volume ( 8 to 30 Watt, depending on your amp and the TAD CLASS-A CONVERTER version you use).


  PEN-Tone or TRI-Tone ?

The TAD CLASS-A CONVERTER is available as PEN-Tone and TRI-Tone. Both versions basically provide the same benefits. The PEN-Tone supports the main tonal character of your amp while the TRI-Tone will clearly make it more linear but will compress and saturate much earlier. The TRI-Tone makes it sound much smoother and will drop down power output of to about 8 watts when using 2 TAD CLASS-A CONVERTER.

Both versions will provide you outrageous sustain and let you achieve more even distortion sound when cranked up and still give you perfect control with playing dynamics.



PLUG & PLAY or How to install

Switch off your amp, pull out the power tubes (6L6GC, 5881, EL34 or 6V6GT) and plug in TAD CLASS-A CONVERTER converters including their EL84 tubes, switch amp on. Done!


Size: the TAD CLASS-A CONVERTER is without pins 12cm high (5cm adaptor + 7cm EL84).

1cm air gap between the top of the EL84 and Cabinet is required for mounting and air flow.


The TAD CLASS-A CONVERTER is total self-adjusting. No adjustments, no modifications!

As you do not adjust the bias you might switch back to the original power tubes at any time you want.





The overall power output depends on your amp and the version of TAD CLASS-A CONVERTER converters you use:

               PEN-Tone:        7 - 9 Watt per converter,  14 -18 Watt per pair

               TRI-Tone:            4 - 5 Watt per converter,    8 -10 Watt per pair



A 100-Watt amp with 4 6L6GC, 5881 or EL34 would saturate usually at 100W RMS power output. With TAD CLASS-A CONVERTER? converters it saturates at:

PEN-Tone: with 4 converters about 32 Watt, with 2 about 16 Watt

TTRI-Tone: with 4 converters about 18 Watt, with 2 about   9 Watt



The use of TAD CLASS-A CONVERTER converters is not recommended for amps with Class A / Class AB switching facility (e.g. Fender® Prosonic). These must be used in Class AB position only when using TAD CLASS-A CONVERTER ?.

DO NOT USE  in amps with cathode controled power amps (e.g. Musicman® RD series, Peavey® Classic 75/100 etc.).

DO NOT USE  in amps with serial filament like the Peavey® Valveking series, Blackstar® Series One

DO NOT USE  in amps with automatic Bias controls like Hughes&Kettner with TSC System

Due to the cathode bias operation of the TAD CLASS-A CONVERTER the bias tremolo of the Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb, Twinolux,  Dual Professional and others is out of function.

TAD Class-A Converter

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