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TAD powerhouse and roughneck!
The TAD EL84-CZ is the powerhouse and the roughneck among the EL84. Used with care, it gives each amp a much richer bass foundation than most factory tubes of Russian manufacture.
Beware of amps with a strong bass: it could easily be too much.
However, if you are looking for the strong bass and midrange boost, then the  TAD EL84-CZ is the  right choice.
d = 22.5mm
Due to the diameter of 22.5mm, the TAD EL84-Cz does not fit into older Marshall DSL401 amps and the UK-built VOX AC15 TBX! Only the EL84-EI (order number: NN471) can be used in the mentioned models!
Q: What criteria does a power tube need to meet to  qualify  as Premium Selected ?
A: We only name those tubes  Premium Selected  that passed the following tests:
- Quiescent current (PC) and slope (TC)
- Noise test
- Microphone test
- Acoustic tests
- Shock test
- Listening tests
- Short circuit and fault current
Matching power tubes
In our  Premium RT matching  , our tubes are not only matched after the quiescent current (PC), but also the slope (TC) is taken into account.
Both data as well as the batch and sorting numbers are applied to both the packaging and the tube.
TAD Premium Select tubes include a 6-month warranty (under warranty conditions) for compliance with the above quality criteria.
Tubes type:       EL84 / 6BQ5 / 6P14P / N709      
Base: Noval (9 Pin)
Selection: Premium

TAD EL84-Cz Premium

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