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Amp Kit Tweed Bass Four-Ten, 5F6A Style with ca. 40 watt power.

This Amp Kit is based on the legendary Fender Tweed Bassman®

The real beast for Rn´R and Blues!

Famous for its tone which is distinctive and without parallel.

The four 10"" speakers are mounted on a rather thin floating baffle board which makes the trademark tone of the 5F6A.

Initially designed for amplifying up-right bassit has made it into the hall of fame of all guitar amplifiers to be heard on countless recordings from the 1950s with Elvis Presley and still must in any recording studio today.

Power: ca. 40 Watt

Impedance: 2 Ohm

Tubes:  2x ECC83 WA, 1x 12AY7, 1x 6L6WGC-STR pair, 1x 5AR4

Available variants:


Just the kit without a tweed cabinet:

Measure: 6,7cm height x 50,9cm width x 10,5cm depth

Total weight: ca. 7 kg


Kit incl. 4x10"" tweed cabinet with nitro-aged tweed and fingers interlocked

wood out of american pine for a authentic vintage tone.

Cabinet: K-CMB

Measure: 59,7cm height x 57,5cm width x 26,7cm depth

Total weight: ca. 16 kg (without speaker)


Kit, tweed cabinet and speaker.

Nothing is missed here.

The speakers are our recommendation

and perfectly matched to the kit.

As an extra we give a discount of 10% to the speakers.

The discount is already factored in the total price

and only available for this version!

Speaker: 4x Jensen P10R 25 Watt 8 Ohm #LJEP10R

Cabinet:  K-CBM

Measure: 59,7cm height x 57,5cm width x 26,7cm depth

Total weight: ca. 22 kg

Otherwise, everything is included:

TAD Premium Selected Tubes:

2x #RT008 ECC83 WA,1x #RT007 12AY7, 1x #RT812 6L6WGC-STR pair, 1x #RT501 5AR4,
eyeletboards, ceramic sockets, mounting materials, full size pots, knobs, Orange Drop caps,

carbon composition resistors, cloth-covered wire, chrome chassis, transformers etc.


Please note that the Amp-Kit are not a beginners project but for experienced amp builders!

Voltages inside tube amplifiers can exceed 500V and can cause serious damage and can even kill!

TAD Tweed Bass Four-Ten, 5F6A

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