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Amp Kit Tweed Three-Ten-30, 5E7 Style with ca. 30 watt power.

This Amp Kit is based on the legendary Fender Tweed Bandmaster®

This Fender Tweed Bandmaster® is a late-mid 1950s amp and featured the single-rectifier power supply exactly lke the 5F4 Super and the 5F5 Pro using the same chassis.

The 3x10"" speaker moves more air than a 1 x15"" or even 2x 12"".

Power: ca. 30 Watt

Impedance: 4 / 8 Ohm

Tubes: 1x ECC83 WA, 2x 12AY7, 1x 6L6WGC-STR Paar, 1x 5U4GB

Available variants:


The pure kit without a tweed cabinet:

Measure: 6,7cm height x 47cm width x 10,5cm depth

Total weight: ca. 7 kg


Kit incl. 3x10"" tweed cabinet with nitro-aged tweed and fingers interlocked wood out of american pine for a authentic vintage tone.

Cabinet: K-C5E7

Measure: 59,7cm height x 57,5cm width x 26,7cm depth  

Total weight: ca. 14 kg (without speaker)


Kit, tweed cabinet and speaker.

Nothing is missed here.

The speakers are our recommendation and perfectly matched to the kit.

As an extra we give a discount of 10% to the speakers.

The discount is already factored in the total price and only available for this version!

Speaker: 3x Jensen P10R 25 Watt 8 Ohm #LJEP10R

Cabinet:  K-C5E7

Measure: 59,7cm height x 57,5cm width x 26,7cm depth

Total weight: ca. 19 kg

All inclusive:

TAD Premium Selected Tubes:

1x #RT008 ECC83 WA,2x #RT007 12AY7, 1x #RT812 6L6WGC-STR Paar,1x #RT504 5U4GB,
eyeletboards, ceramic sockets, mounting materials, full size pots, knobs, Orange Drop caps, carbon composition resistors, cloth-covered wire, chrome chassis, transformers etc.


Please note that the Amp-Kit are not a beginners project but for experienced amp builders!

Voltages inside tube amplifiers can exceed 500V and can cause serious damage and can even kill!

TAD Tweed Three-Ten-30, 5E7 Style

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